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VT-ATD offers monthly programs that help bring real-time learning to our local professionals.  Programs provide opportunities to network with other professionals, share ideas and experiences and learn about the training and development industry.  We offer two types of events.  

If you have a suggestion for a program or would like to discuss being a presenter please contact us at programs@vermontastd.org.

Here's a preview of our 2017-2018 SIG line-up (registration opens one month prior to each event).

Communities of Practice (COP) 

Communities of Practice are intended to take a deeper dive look at a particular topic or area of practice grounded in the ATD Competency Model. Groups are expected to commit to regular, successive meetings for 6-8 consecutive sessions to explore, practice and apply concepts or theory discussed in the sessions.  As a participant, you are both a learner and a teacher, and expected to commit to each of the sessions in a series.   Co-facilitators volunteer to organize and remain consistent over the course of the session.  Groups may self-organize or may be sponsored by a specific member of the chapter leadership.

Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Groups (SIG) are lightly facilitated conversation focused around a specific topic where participants come to reflect,  learn and share with one another – very much like give & take.  The intention is to engage our collective talent and intellect by capitalizing on the diversity of experience, perspectives and knowledge in the room. 

SIGs represent one of the many ways to grow professionally and personally, to network, learn new trends and industry directions, and to take useful information back to your organization.

SIGs also provide a wonderful opportunity to become personally involved in your Vermont Chapter.  If you would like to co-facilitate an upcoming SIG, please contact our Program Director, Melinda Friedlander at melinda@vermontatd.org

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Past Events

29 Nov 2017 SIG Story-telling and Coaching Tools
15 Nov 2017 Basic Mediation Fall Workshop at Champlain College
22 Oct 2017 Appreciate Living Learning Circle, 4-week series
18 Oct 2017 SIG: Appreciative Inquiry Principles
02 Oct 2017 Conference: Lead Change 2017 sponsored by Change Management Review and ACMP New England
21 Sep 2017 Introduction to Appreciative Learning
20 Sep 2017 SIG: High Performance Teams and Cognitive Diversity
14 Jul 2017 HorsePowering Success For Leaders
29 Jun 2017 Leadership & Metaphor: A Creative Retreat
31 May 2017 Change Cycle SIG
23 May 2017 Onboarding New Employees for Success
21 May 2017 ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition
16 May 2017 Coaching Certification Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
12 May 2017 Talent Development Summit
11 May 2017 Equine Facilitated Learning Demonstration with Janis Cooper
05 May 2017 Gaming Certification
01 May 2017 Transformational Leadership Seminar: Using Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry to Drive Results
26 Apr 2017 Work, Resilience and Creativity SIG
25 Apr 2017 Champlain Valley APICS and Rhino Foods Presentation and Networking Event
17 Apr 2017 NorthCountry Federal Credit Union Annual Meeting and Pixar Guest Speaker
07 Apr 2017 Annual PMI Champlain Valley Symposium
04 Apr 2017 FREE Virtual Gamification Workshop
31 Mar 2017 New England ATD 2017 Regional Conference
30 Mar 2017 Webinar - Associate Professional in Talent Development by ATD Certification Institute
23 Mar 2017 Appreciative Living Learning Circle, 4-week series
16 Mar 2017 Barcode 101 - Introduction to Barcoding
14 Mar 2017 PMI Champlain Valley Monthly Dinner Event
14 Mar 2017 Coaching Certification Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
22 Feb 2017 Gaming - Learning Trend SIG
01 Feb 2017 Community of Practice (COP): Mindful Leadership
26 Jan 2017 The Professionals Collaborative (TPC) Annual Networking Night
24 Jan 2017 Coaching Certification Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
19 Jan 2017 Appreciative Living Learning Circle, 4-week series
14 Dec 2016 Self-compassion
16 Nov 2016 SIG: Conflict
16 Nov 2016 Basic Mediation Workshop at Champlain College
07 Nov 2016 Coaching Certification Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
20 Oct 2016 Leading from Oneness and Presence
06 Oct 2016 Appreciative Living Learning Circle, 4-week series
05 Oct 2016 The Power of Collaboration
28 Sep 2016 Webinar: Take the Guesswork out of Leadership Trustworthiness
21 Sep 2016 Leadership Development SIG: Vertical vs. Horizontal Development
14 Sep 2016 PMI-Champlain Valley - Sunset Cruise and guest speaker
14 Jul 2016 Appreciative Living Learning Circle, 4-week series
16 Jun 2016 Leadership Development SIG: Metrics Made Easy
02 Jun 2016 AI and Education Meeting
02 Jun 2016 Share, Teach and Learn! Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future of Strength-Based Work
22 May 2016 ATD International Conference & Exhibition
19 May 2016 Leadership Development SIG: Steering Toward a Coaching Culture: Practical tools, approaches, and ideas from people who are doing it.
18 May 2016 PMI-CV Dinner & Program
27 Apr 2016 Equine Facilitated Learning Demonstration with Janis Cooper
19 Apr 2016 Special Event: Creating a Diversity Pipeline
08 Apr 2016 Project Management From The Inside Out
01 Apr 2016 ATD New England Area Conference
31 Mar 2016 2016 Women's Leadership Conference
30 Mar 2016 Basic Mediation Workshop at Champlain College
25 Mar 2016 Making Change Work: Why Change Fails and How to Make it Take Hold and Stick
21 Mar 2016 Champlain College Adult Student Open House
17 Mar 2016 PMI-Champlain Valley Dinner Event
17 Mar 2016 Leadership Development SIG: Executive Leadership Development
14 Mar 2016 MSCEIT 3-Day Certification Course and Workshop Intensive
18 Feb 2016 PMI-CV 2016 February Dinner Meeting
18 Feb 2016 Leadership Development SIG - GROW Model for Coaching
28 Jan 2016 10th Annual TPC Networking Event
19 Jan 2016 Public Speaking for Leaders
10 Dec 2015 Leadership Development SIG - Courage in the Workplace: What constitutes an act of courage and can it be learned?
11 Nov 2015 Community Summit - Envisioning the Brightest Future
06 Nov 2015 Negotiations for Project Managers - From Theory to Action
05 Nov 2015 Community of Practice (COP): Becoming a Resonant Leader
04 Nov 2015 Basic Mediation Workshop
29 Oct 2015 Leadership Development SIG - Unpacking the Alphabet Soup of Assessments
15 Oct 2015 Six Questions for Great Teams, Great Organizations and Great Leaders
08 Oct 2015 Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner Certification Program
24 Sep 2015 Leadership Development SIG - Resonant Leadership
28 Aug 2015 Certified Professional Coach Program by Center for Coaching Certification
02 Jun 2015 Equine Facilitated Learning Demonstration with Janis Cooper
21 May 2015 Leadership Development SIG - Effective On-boarding Practices
17 May 2015 ATD 2015 International Conference & Exposition
14 May 2015 How To Improve The Project Team Dynamics
12 May 2015 Equine Facilitated Learning Demonstration with Janis Cooper
30 Apr 2015 The VT ATD Leveraging Our Talents, Designing Our Future Summit
29 Apr 2015 Basic Mediation Workshop at Champlain College
16 Apr 2015 Leadership Development SIG - 70-20-10 Leadership Development Model
10 Apr 2015 Rethinking Project Management: Old Truths and New Insights
27 Mar 2015 ATD New England Area Conference
25 Mar 2015 Leadership Development SIG - Leadership Toward a Holistic Workplace
10 Feb 2015 Leadership Development SIG - Hiring Practices That Support a Thriving Workplace Culture
29 Jan 2015 TPC 9th Annual Networking Event
15 Jan 2015 Leadership Development SIG -Peer Coaching
09 Dec 2014 Leadership Development SIG -Wellness and Leadership
13 Nov 2014 Leadership Development SIG - The Future of Talent Development in Vermont-An Appreciative Dialogue
07 Nov 2014 SO-VT SIG: Small Changes Make Big Wellness Impact
15 Oct 2014 Strengths & Values Based Leadership
07 Oct 2014 Leadership Development SIG - Coaching
25 Sep 2014 Leadership Development SIG - Teaming
12 Sep 2014 SO-VT SIG: Self Assessment Tools for Individual or Group Development
27 Jun 2014 SO-VT SIG: Developing Human Potential
19 Jun 2014 Leading Millenials: How to Motivate, Lead and Retain the Millennial Generation in Your Workplace
03 Jun 2014 Leadership Development SIG - Employee Engagement
09 May 2014 Southern Vermont SIG - A kick off!
08 May 2014 Leadership Development SIG - Emotional Intelligence
29 Apr 2014 SPECIAL EVENT! Defining, Measuring & Benchmarking your company’s Happiness & Well Being Workshop
28 Apr 2014 SPECIAL EVENT! CEO of Delivering Happiness Speaking in Burlington
11 Apr 2014 Leadership Development SIG - Introduction to Vertical Development
27 Mar 2014 Leadership Development SIG - Strengths Based Coaching
26 Mar 2014 Experiential Learning on the Job - Jane Harrison Bradley
19 Feb 2014 State of the Industry Report Webinar
30 Jan 2014 The Professionals Collaborative Networking Event
23 Jan 2014 Mindfulness in Leadership Development SIG
10 Dec 2013 Vermont ASTD 2013 Annual Dinner
12 Nov 2013 Leadership Development SIG
25 Oct 2013 Changing Change: Appreciative Inquiry as a tool to improve your organization
11 Oct 2013 Leadership Development SIG
29 May 2013 Six Thinking Hats: reduce your meeting times by 50%!
13 Feb 2013 Crucial Conversations™ Two-day Workshop
31 Jan 2013 The Professionals Collaborative Networking Event
17 Dec 2012 ASTD/ TW SIG Informal Catch up over Coffee
26 Nov 2012 ASTD/ TW SIG Informal Catch up over Coffee
15 Nov 2012 Vermont Chapter ASTD 2012 Annual Dinner
10 Oct 2012 Effectively Managing Organizational Change
20 Sep 2012 Train-the-Trainer: Building Your Tools & Techniques
16 May 2012 A Quick Introduction to Agile Methodology: Working with Cross Functional Teams
08 Nov 2011 VT-ASTD Chapter Annual Dinner & Presentation; Being Present: The Sweet Spot in Learning.
25 Oct 2011 Fall Professional Training & Development Day 2011
29 Sep 2011 Train-the-Trainer: Building Your Tools & Techniques
14 Jun 2011 Defining Coaching Through An Experiential Learning Session
07 Jun 2011 Going Beyond the Classroom- Developing Informal Learning Systems
12 Apr 2011 The Joy of Learning: Applying Positive Psychology to Training & Organization Development
24 Mar 2011 The Dilemma of Fair Use and Copyright in Training
27 Jan 2011 Join. Learn. Grow.
16 Nov 2010 Vermont Chapter ASTD's 2010 Annual Dinner
06 Oct 2010 Vermont Chapter ASTD Fall Professional Training & Development Day

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